The 7 People You Have on Your Crew

  • December 15, 2014
  • Posted by Savino Ranallo

It’s like the seven dwarfs, without the fairytale. Real life that hits harder and quicker than dopey walking into a door. Seven people working constantly together, day in and day out for 4 months makes for some interesting stories. This one is about the different characters you have encountered on your crews, and the clash between them.

Not everything about the MCC is happy and go lucky, it’s full of compromise, misunderstandings, and wet soggy days where you curse the gods under your breath. And then there is your crew.

These 6 other rando’s who’d you thought at the beginning, would be your best friends by the end of the season. You quickly come to realize how different they are and that your whole plans of building forts and playing slug wars might not happen. But how did this happen?

Well it turns out that the shy, quiet one was not as outgoing as you wanted. The common sense member comes with good intentions, but after awhile begins to stretch your nerves and step on toes. The leaders are great in their own respects, but who likes being told what to do after 4 months? Another personality emerges as one with good character, great charisma, and a similar sense of humor. Alas, could this could be the b.f.f you’re looking for? Nay, turns out they ask too many questions which were just answered, and they don’t seem to listen to you when you want. Lastly, comes the one whom challenges you so directly that you feel you could strangle them and it still wouldn’t help.

These are all characters whom we might encounter through our life changing experience with the MCC. But how we treat one another and how we get along play a huge part in whether that experience is positive or lacking.
My advice would be to reach out actively to the shy one, reason with the common sense, question your leaders but know where they are coming from, give your best friend some space, and to the person who will make you pull your hair out; pull theirs out first. Unless you like your hair, then talk with them more frequently than you do the others and use common sense, distance, questions, and compassion as your main weapons to diffuse them. Good luck guys/gals, and remember that these people will make your memories more memorable!
-The Wild Child


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