A Job Well Done

  • November 04, 2016
  • Posted by Mark Scanlan

10 days can seem like a long time, especially when its cold and wet and you cant dry your boots in time for tomorrow, but, showers and electricity and a laundromat really make it better to live in a cold damp tent.

We met up with our project partner and we had one goal: to move between three different work sites and fix poorly made habitat enclosures. The purpose: to stop beavers from getting into them and eating everything, which disallows the bushes and plants from regenerating fast enough to stay alive.

The purpose for these enclosures is to strengthen the shores of the bull river so that the banks are reinforced and stop dropping silt into the river. The silt covers what is normally a gravel bed and destroys critical bull trout egg laying grounds as bull trout need gravel to lay their eggs.

We managed to decommission six enclosures and construct new enclosures around separate plants on another property. There were about 170 plants on that property, and finally we fixed and partially rebuilt five extremely large enclosures, so all in all a job well done.


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