The Infinite Circle of Service

  • July 25, 2016
  • Posted by Jackie-Teresa Hart

The rotating Earth has gifted the now present horizon with the enchantment, the fulfilling nourishment of the sun’s rays.  The beaming glory, Robins calling, flowing about with a dozen species of other singing morning birds… Sitting with the Missouri River, as the Earth continues it’s rotation, the sun kisses the White Cliffs with glory. Swallowtails fly, between their homes upon the cliffs and the campground. Teal dragonflies greet thee, and goodness this day! It has begun.

With these beings and creatures present, they bring a friendly reminder: service. With Robins communicating, the Sun nourishing, Dragonflies assisting with the food chain (and reminding of transformation) tranquility and love emanate. What this assists within the day for all realms of life is seemingly unfathomable to transmute with words.

Intuitions call for alone time with other beings around has been sat with, and the journey to start boiling water for some crew member’s breakfast, coffee or tea ensues. The feeling of silence, of being an observer washes over as others awake, beginning their day. At some point soon, I’ll speak. But as of now, words are not needed. For my human creature, there is an awareness of this morning flow being of service to myself. This self-service transcends as service for others. Without personal time, the subjective illusive-reality of feeling irritation, aggression, sadness, and lack of energetic boundary (to then feel others and their emotions palpably) become more likely.

While the day pursues, Cottonwood trees- homes of Screech Owls, Great Horned Owls; playing grounds for bats, rabbits, mice, rattlesnake, Bull snakes, White-tailed deer, coyotes and others- has been what my crew has been offered to water! To nourish young sacred beings, whose roots are having trouble establishing (due to the lack of flooding of the Missouri from dams put in place about 60 years or so) is an incredible honor. To think of their being present in maybe 200 years as one or two of the Elder Cottonwoods we have shared space with along the journey is majestic! How many days they will be with the sun and moon, how many creatures will sit with their being… The humble grounding of the present moment is cherished. With reflection, humility resides.

Being served: then serving those who then serve- the infinite circle of service, love, and provisions! There are many aspects of qualities I am grateful Conservation Corp​s​ offers and continues to: this daily friendly reminder of service holds dear.


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