The Old Man and the Bus

  • November 14, 2016
  • Posted by Rhyan Schicker

We are flipping through notes checking directions for our next client. “It says he lives in a bus.” We are all thrown off by this.

“How will we seal all those windows?”

“How about the door?”

“Wait are you sure its a bus?”

“Yeah, I remember talking to him on the phone”

We pull up and sure enough, the older man who resides here has turned the bus into a modern day mobile home. He comes out, proudly showing us the back deck he built, telling us that he has watched a bear from it, and that he makes his jewelry beneath the roof he fashioned over it.

Inside he gives us a short tour. It’s apparently almost immediately that the equipment we have won’t be of any help to him. It’s very warm inside; he’s fashioned his own wood stove along the side wall. The shelves are full of agate stones; they cover just about every surface. He tells us that he goes to the coast during agate harvest season when they can be found all along the beaches. He shows off necklaces and walking sticks, describing the earrings he makes; all are decorated with agates, some even with feathers.

He has a sink but it empties into a bucket. I ask where he gets water. He answers, “From the river, sometimes in town.” He keeps talking, telling us all about his kids and his grandkids, throwing in his political views, making us laugh. He is so proud to host us, to share his stories. Towards the end of our visit he tells us how he has thought about moving but never has. “I cant sell it, my grandkids think it’s the bees knees.”


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