The Power of Teamwork

  • July 18, 2016
  • Posted by Colin O'Hair

The Historical Preservation crew’s most recent hitch lasted eight days in Western Yellowstone. We camped next to Nez Perce Creek and worked with several of the park’s trail crews. First we worked on a new trail that overlooked the Grand Prismatic. Together we cut out a quarter mile of fresh trail 18 inches wide so a small excavator could come through and widen the trail further. The hillside proved to be a worthy adversary but our crews waged war against the hillside removing tree stumps, cutting through roots, digging up rocks, and lots of dirt! After a few days of work we finished the trail ahead of schedule and moved on to felling, bucking, and hauling lumber. We were felling 7-10 inch diameter Lodgepole Pine trees and bucking them into 10 foot sections. We loaded the logs in a trailer 25 at a time and transported them to a parking lot to be later constructed into bumper logs. These bumper logs are placed alongside roadways to prevent people from parking in no parking zones. After many days of challenging work, we were able to make numerous loads of logs and moved an estimated 36,000 pounds of lumber! Our crew was blown away by the amount of work were able to accomplish in only eight days. In the future our crew is scheduled to go back to Yellowstone and we have our fingers crossed that we get to work with the same trail crews on more amazing projects!‚Äč


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