Time Passing By

  • April 18, 2016
  • Posted by Isaiah Tanner

The pace of training is intense, everyone can agree, and the scope is staggering. This last week we attended wilderness advanced first aid training. A five day, forty-hour course. As we talked about it during our ride back to Missoula, we agreed it seemed more like a college semester. I’ve never had such an intense learning experience. I know that if I ever get in a pinch, I’ll have Wild Bill’s sagely instruction running through my head to help me out. We’ve met several unique characters, but Wild Bill will be the one we are least likely to forget.

Prior to this last week, we’ve been asked to teach each other, and learn from each other. We shared our life stories with each other. We’ve covered more policy and procedure than I’d ever thought my brain could contain, and there is still more to come. And the technical skills haven’t even started. 

As I am typing this out and our third week closes, I think about all the people I have met during this season. I have built half a years’ worth of friendships in three short weeks. The quality of relationships, a half years’ worth. I know for much of our crew, it’s been the same.
Life for me these days seems to run on a higher octane fuel than before. There is sure to be so much in this MCC experience, that we will all be sorting through it mentally for a long time after.

I started this journal with a question in mind; why has time seemed so distorted for us? Maybe it’s because we are making the absolute most of it.


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