Trails and Sunshine

  • April 21, 2014
  • Posted by D. Robledo

It had been a long time since my boots hit the soil of the mountains of Idaho. I spent nearly a whole season there last year. I had never expected to fall in love with it. I’d been there pretty often to visit family, and had never really enjoyed it. But I suppose I just never had the time to truly explore it. Crawling around the ridges, working on the trails, splashing in the creeks. The smoke filled air and the blackened hillsides from the constantly burning wildfires wasn’t enough to deter me once I fell in love. I was filled to the brim with excitement when I was told we’d be going to the Boise National Forest for our trails training. And on top of that we’d be working with another crew of Youth Leaders. Good ol’ Wild Billings.
Our own crew of adventurers all ready to explore the mountains.

We had a slightly rough start with an extended drive through winding dirt roads towing a trailer, but once we got there things started rolling. Excitement was buzzing, if not slightly dulled by tiredness post drive.

The days following were filled with sunshine, playing in the dirt and creeks while calling it work, and joking around with all the leaders. I got a pretty great opportunity to help teach some folks how to go about building certain trail structures because I’d done it before. It felt amazing being able to share my knowledge and watch as they made it their own and gave it their own little twist. That’s one of my favorite things about trailwork. There’s an end product that we all want, but there’s frequently many different ways to go about gaining it.

It is often times like this that remind me why I came back. Not that I ever truly forget. I love what we do. I love the folks we get to do it with. Hiking around and digging trails. Working and soaking up the Vitamin D. I never sleep better than I do in a tent in the woods.

It was perfect timing. I was definitely ready for some good outdoor time.Going back to the forests of Idaho is like going home.


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