Trails Training Week: A Week of Triumph

  • May 30, 2017
  • Posted by Maria Vignati

The leaders of the Montana Conservation Corps had a fantastic week furthering their trail and chainsaw experience! The crew not only learned more about different trail features, such as drains and switchbacks, but the also spent time honing their chainsaw techniques. They began their week felling hazard trees and snags for the Yellowstone Adventure Alliance, and although the weather was cold and wet, their attitudes were bright and focused! The day allowed for many learning opportunities. The rest of the week was spent making improvements on the Hell Roaring Creek trail in the Custer-Gallatin National Forest. The crew put in several drains and nicks to assist in keeping water off of the trails. They also helped improve the drainage and structure of the first two switchbacks on the trail. During that process, they knocked down berms, outsloped the switchbacks, and made the trail wider to accomodate pack animals as well as the many hikers that the trail sees every year. They also insloped the top of the second switchback into a trench, so that water would drain smoothly off the end. After that, the crew dug new tread along the trail, honing their trail eyes into fine tools of the trade. The week ended with the leaders in high spirits, and excited to begin using the skills that they’ve accumulated to do amazing work for the environment, and the public!


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