We Area Making a Difference

  • October 25, 2011
  • Posted by MCC

When I first started weatherization it felt awkward like we were intruding and unwelcome.  The very first house we went to turned us away saying it wasn’t a good time for us to be there.  However, as the week rolled on I got more comfortable entering peoples’ homes.  Some houses had broken windows and no indoor heating system, this made me feel like we weren’t doing enough for them.  All we do is put plastic on windows and seal cracks near doors or in walls.  But some peoples’ reactions startled me.  Almost everyone was very thankful to us for making their house warmer, others showed their appreciation by giving us little gifts and a few even hugged us.  Now I realize that if we are able to make these peoples’ houses even a little bit warmer over the winter, we are making a difference.


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