Arriving to the office at 6:45 AM on the Youth Crew Members first day I had the urge to delegate tasks and conjure up a great question of the day while orchestrating a stretch circle. I wanted to help lift tools above my head onto the top of the rig, but my arm strength was not needed. What replaced me were six new able bodied teenagers whom were novices to the trade, and eager to start a new journey.

My leaders seemed competent, poised, and oh so cool. I waited on the back doorstep as they loaded the final items up onto the top of the rigs. Then in an instant all of the doors were closed and both crews were piled into their rigs, seatbelts fastened, music vibrating off of the car walls, smiles of all sizes reaching from one cheek to the other.

I waved the crews goodbye and went back to my desk. There was a feeling of uselessness. My throat felt dry and empty of words. My hands that are most comfortable when filled with tools; lied gently on a black keyboard. The office space was quiet and free of unclaimed peanut butter jars and unknown drinkable substances. I expected 55 questions to be asked within a matter of minutes, but instead I received none. I took a deep breath and quickly asked my supervisor, “When can I get out into the field again?”


Nice pics.  My son is wearing shtros, back door is open and windows too.  It is about 85 here in Los Angeles.  The second photo reminds me of the reservoir going thru my grandfathers property (25 acres) in NJ, his neighbor is a Christmas tree farm.

Posted by Arnulfo at December 28 2012

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