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When the Coyotes Howl

  • December 15, 2015
  • Posted by Jessica Lee Richardson

It began with a circle and a summers chance to feel free. Light in eyes of promise and might that I will find clarity in me.

Withdrawn and silent surrounded by leaders with intent and reason. One would surmise, assumptions made with Montana’s boundless freedom.

The match caught fire quick with a sail across the mirror image of mountains risen over Seeley, for laughter and a camera in hand, a simple thought that I was dreaming.

The feeling that I was alone still remained in a crowd of new friends and endless chatter. I learned to accept that for a man at home brought meaning of what truly mattered.

To sharing laughs when delving deeper into oneself to gain a new perspective. It opened eyes and hearsay lied that we should all be respected.

Time flew by and it blurred with taking chances; a moment on sand, a one word command and down I went in a dead fall romance.

The clock ticked on and now the moment arose with covered eyes and animal cries.

To open oneself to a small group of wonder, who knew what they thought and what would asunder.

To take a hike in first nature that hasn’t happened in a while. I could barely breathe. This is insane! I can’t even hike one mile.

What did I get myself into? There’s no way I can do this. But to push oneself and to conquer is life’s promised… promise.

The challenge became a Priority when the set-up’s slow and the take down’s quick. To have shelter to protect from natures light and fallen ice beating on a Quonset.

You dare to dream that things will change, but who’s going to fight for it all? From that first glance you learned that life’s a constant never-ending fall.

As time marches on, the challenges become harder but the mood stays the same with a thought slightly smarter.

Back in the wilderness a couple miles or more, carrying your life in a pack. How many people can go forth without stopping and simply turning back?

What motivates a person to continue through the fatigue and the pain? If I make it to the top, what will I gain?

I did this for myself but to also give back to the world, a world where I had no place. That was before I found out that wherever I go, nature is a familiar face.

You can travel a country or into a foreign land. You can reach out and save someone or just give them a hand.

You can comfort someone when they no longer want to fight. You can smile at a stranger to let them know that everything will be alright.

The world can be cruel and heartless at first look. But if you open your eyes and observe, the world is just a vivid book.

There’s always the good and the bad with a plot right in the heart. A few kind folks with intention and a nice place to start.

New skills and experiences is what I got out of the corps. A meddled mind that has decided that it’s time for me to go to war.

My place in this world is when the coyotes howl. I will always be a MCC professional and my journey starts now.


This just made my day! Thank you for writing this Jessica!

Posted by Dan at January 19 2016

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