• October 29, 2014
  • Posted by Dan Schillo

How do you sum up an experience like weatherization?

From the outlook it almost seems like two weeks vacation for crews coming off a season of camping in all sorts of terrain and weather with days full of intensive physical labor. But yet it is so much more. Here is a chance to go out into our local communities interacting with and assisting a public that truly needs the help. Although the measures we take are minor, wrapping a window and putting up stripping around a door is hard to define as “work” when you’re used to lugging chainsaws up mountains; it is the smiles, compassion, and willingness to listen that I believe are the biggest impacts each crew leaves their appointment with.

Time and time again it would floor me how much the people we came to help would open up and share the intricacies of their lives with us, demonstrating that overarching human need of just needing somebody to listen, to care.

And although I always wanted to do so much more for these people it was so impactful to lend an ear, share a smile and laugh, and truly connect to the communities around us. This is my third weatherization experience and each one impacted me in a significant way and left me feeling proud, very proud that I don’t work a “job”, but rather a program which focuses my attention and initiative toward engaging in the community in a variety of ways.

And I have been rewarded with impactful life interactions.


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