YCC - June

  • August 03, 2015
  • Posted by Nick Havran

The season began with mild culture shock. We MCC leaders, hired to run USFS YCC crews, arrived in Eureka invited by the warmth of small town Montana. It was a surprise to us to see that most residents of the area had known each other all of their lives. And we were fresh on the scene.

After the chaos of adjusting and orientation, we were right at home. Me being from the Northwest and my co-leader, Lia being from Massachusetts, we brought an interesting perspective to the group, for many of the kids have been living in Eureka for most of their lives.

As the season went on we bonded as a group and learned about one another’s upbringing, preferences, pet-peeves and much more as we walked through marshes surveying amphibians, painting picnic tables and becoming friends.


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