Team Building! Team Building!

YCC- Rexford

  • August 03, 2015
  • Posted by Courtney Herbolsheimer

Coming from Wisconsin and Virginia, we didn’t really know what to expect from our crew full of rural Montanan high schoolers. We ended up with many unique and awesome people coming from different backgrounds.

Being in Eureka, Montana, a town of about 5000 people, all these kids knew each other and we were kind of thrown in there with them as outsiders. The most rewarding part of being a YCC Crew Leader was creating relationships our crew members.

Although Matthew said he “wasn’t much of a talker”, he was one of the most outgoing and funny people we have ever met. 

Jarrett started out quiet but quickly broke out of his thin shell and made us laugh uncontrollably every day, with his new nickname becoming Jorts for no particular reason. 

Asia is an incredibly hard worker, with a constant positive mental attitude, hilarious side jokes, and confidence that will take her far in life. 

Brett loves trucks and taught us everything about back roads and engines, while bringing a sense of adventure and country to the crew. 

Zoe is brilliant and loves to lead and teach others, with an especially strong love for goldfish and painting. 

Joe is a rodeo star who taught us everything about guns and, once again, trucks and mud bogging. 

Every member of the crew brought something special to the table, and some of the most memorable moments we had were sitting by the water and learning about their lives in Eureka.  They inspired us and I hope we inspired them and instilled a little bit of passion for the outdoors.  Hopefully we’ll make it back to Eureka someday to see what amazing people these kids have become and learn about all of the awesome things they’ve accomplished.


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