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YCC Trout Creek- July

  • August 03, 2015
  • Posted by James Dilzell

This month, the crew really started to shine! 

Everyone did an amazing job with their leadership days; it was truly impressive how each crewmember really stepped up to the plant and lined our crew out for the day’s work. 

During week 7, we spent three days re-decking two Forest Service bridges.  Joe, the roads supervisor in the district, worked with us throughout and was very impressed with our crew dynamic.  Not only did we finish ahead of schedule, but all of us had a blast hammering down planks in our “See how few hammer hits it takes” competitions and talking with the ever interesting Joe.

While working on a Core Lesson and getting some celebratory ice cream after we finished the bridge early, we had the pleasure of meeting an MCC original, KO! She saw our rig parked in front, and turned her VW Bus around to come and share some great MCC and life stories with us. It was such an amazing coincidence!

The kids were a bit sad come week 8, and none of us could really believe it was coming to an end already. However, we got to work on trails some of the week, and saw two gorgeous hikes in our district we hadn’t been to before.  Our final day was spent and the Bird Museum and Second Ave Pizza in Sandpoint, Idaho and it was a great send off for the summer.  We will definitely be missing our crew!   


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