Yellow Jacket Creek, As Well Named

  • September 16, 2016
  • Posted by Bree Guy

We ended up having quite an adventure!

From black bears around camp, to crew leaders being stung, and jumping into freezing creeks!

Crewlander always knows how to have fun. From the very start of hitch, we were moving tons of hay (literally one ton of hay), and working with our professional mule packer, Keith. We spent the first night of hitch at the Monture cabin, which was a luxury, and we were lucky to do. The next day we were up and running again, hiking into our campsite, and brushing rapidly as we did. But isn’t that the usual?

Day three was when things became interesting. We were retreading the trail to perfection—suddenly—BEES. One came after our crewleader, and he was stung. A couple others were stung too. But see, only our leader is allergic. He began to swell up, so we took the necessary first aid steps to make sure he was safe. But by the end of the whole soap opera, we decided that he needed to head back to the trail head and make sure he was safe.

The next day starts like a normal one, besides our one missing crew leader. He comes back around noon, only his arm is even worse. He has to be taken out from the worksite AGAIN, but our OTHER crewleader has to escort him, to make sure he’s okay. That night was a stressful one, because if something else went wrong, we didn’t have our leaders to help us.

We did stretch and everything perfectly the next morning, everyone was on time, and we were scooting our boots to the worksite, just like usual. Our crewleader was back later that morning! She brought gifts of political updates, books, and good luck charms. But sadly, she didn’t bring her co-leader. He was left to the care of his doctors. His hitch was spent doing light duty. We all felt like the crew wasn’t complete without him there.

That was quite an experience, but the experiences didn’t end there. A crewmember saw a bear! She was up doing breakfast duty one morning, when all of a sudden, a black bear comes out of the bushes! The bear spray was held at the ready, and the rest of the crew was alerted. Thankfully, nothing bad happened. The bear was scared away. Crewlander is always ready for an emergency, in their pj’s and socks, or no.

We had another number of fun conversations and glare-offs, but as of right now, I have to sign off. I hope this blog post gives you a glimpse into the life of an adventurous crew. See you next hitch!

Happy Trails,



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