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Youth Expedition

  • August 19, 2015
  • Posted by Jonathan Presley- Crew Leader

Life as a member of a youth expedition crew can be difficult. Every day we wake up and take the trail to the work site. The work can be hard. We come back to camp dirty and tired. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much trail one just brushed or tread one just dug. At times the work can dominate everything, and it becomes easy to forget just how ridiculous and hilarious this all is.

It was just such a day when something happened to remind us how lucky we are. The crew was halfway through the last project of a month long expedition. It was hot and everyone was tired and crabby. A few even started talking about how nice it would be to sleep in a bed again or watch TV. Then suddenly we heard a yell coming from near our latrine. It was followed by more yells and loud crashing through the underbrush. What was it? Was a bear in our camp? Was one of our kids mortally wounded?

Just as we got up to rush to our friend’s aid he appeared over the rise holding a large stick and yelling triumphantly. Apparently when he approached the bathroom he found a huge buck deer eating from the latrine! Not to be intimidated, and wishing to defend our territory, he grabbed a stick and bravely rushed at the deer who instantly took flight. It was while explaining all this that he remembered he still had to go to the bathroom and ran back!

After this the crew didn’t seem so tired, the work didn’t really seem so hard, and living in the woods wasn’t all that bad. They laughed and made jokes about deer, and chasing animals with sticks, and defending our camp from whatever might dare enter.

Someone even mentioned how this sort of thing just doesn’t happen in town. It’s nice sometimes to remember how ridiculous and hilarious this can all be.


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