Youth Crew Leader Applications for the 2018 season will open on November 15th

Serving as a Youth Crew Leader with Montana Conservation Corps will have a lasting impact not only on you, but also on the communities you serve and the teens you lead through our Expedition Program. With MCC you’ll discover unexpected abilities within yourself and gain the self-confidence needed to effectively lead young people through challenging conservation work.

What Does an MCC Youth Crew Leader Do?

As a Youth Crew Leader your five-month service term will consist of two distinct stages:  You’ll begin with the intensive MCC Leadership Development Program (LDP) for three months, a program designed to shape you into an effective leader both for your time with MCC and for whatever path you take in life. The LDP includes training in Wilderness Advanced First Aid, several statewide and regional fundamental skill workshops, and multiple hands-on work experiences. For a more in-depth picture of LDP programming, click here.

As a Youth Crew Leader you will also be provided with specialized training from professionals across the state in youth behavior and development. You will spend several weeks working with local youth-serving agencies and nonprofits to prepare you for the responsibility of leading a crew of young people.  

Upon successful completion of the LDP in May, you and your co-leader will hit the trail for your first of two four-week sessions with a crew of four Montana youth ages 15 to 17. As a crew, you’ll help solve critical wildlife habitat challenges, get your hands dirty creating safe trails, and support community nonprofit organizations through volunteer service projects. You will be in the field for the entire session except for one scheduled day off. You and your co-leader will be “on” the majority of the time with as-needed support from MCC staff.

Watching the members of your youth crew gain confidence and ability will leave a lasting mark. At the end of the day there will be no doubt you’ve had a great impact on the lives of these young people.

Things To Remember When You Apply

Joining MCC is not a job—it is a serious commitment to service and to participating as an active learner in a crew setting. We look for applicants ready to put others’ interests before their own, learn and support their peers’ learning, complete the entire term of service, participate as a positive member, work hard while serving long hours and living outdoors in all weather, respect MCC as a drug- and alcohol-free workplace, and to lead by example. Youth Crew Leaders will receive a small living stipend during their term and an AmeriCorps Education Award at the end of their successful term of service. The AmeriCorps Education Award for Youth Crew Leaders serving a 900-hour term in 2017 is $2,887.50.

Youth Crew Leader positions are available in four regions around the state: Central Divide, Greater Yellowstone, Northern Rockies,and Western Wildlands. Each region has its own charms, strengths, and specialties. Take some time to explore our regional pages to learn more about each region and remember that wherever you choose to serve, you’ll come to love and value the surrounding community. Please only apply to the region in which you are most interested. You will have the opportunity to express interest in other regions during the application process. 

Serving as a Youth Crew Leader is one of the most challenging – and rewarding – opportunities at MCC. Due to the intensive nature of these types of sessions, and the educational and curriculum requirements of the Expedition Program, individuals who have a specific interest in youth development and education are encouraged to apply.

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*Qualified individuals with disabilities and those from diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply. We provide reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals and are an equal opportunity employer.*