Is MCC Right For Me?

Are you looking for a challenge?  Do you want to make a difference in the world?  Serving with Montana Conservation Corps, you will develop as a person, a citizen, and as a leader while working outdoors in the wild and rugged landscapes of Montana and the Northern Rockies. Unlike some other programs, there is no fee to apply to serve with MCC and there is no fee to participate in any of our programs.  In fact, Corps Members serving with MCC in one of our AmeriCorps programs are eligible to receive a living stipend, training, health insurance (for terms longer than 3-months), and an education award to use towards past, current, or future education expenses.

MCC is committed to engaging young people in stewarding public lands while helping them build the skills and values to shape their future and their communities.  For over 25 years, we have brought young people together to work on meaningful conservation projects as a means of helping develop leadership competences and civic values while working on real-world issues. Through your term of service, you will gain skills, confidence, and a tangible experience of effecting change. In turn, you will perform substantial service that provides lasting benefit for public lands and communities. 

  • Learn skills that will serve you throughout life
    • Our subjects are the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to becoming an active citizen; our classroom is the natural world, and our teacher is the experience gained through hands-on work.  MCC helps Corps Members develop specifically in the areas of leadership, communication and teambuilding, service and citizenship, stewardship, and hard work for quality results.  We believe that experience will be your best teacher. But experience alone is not enough.  

      True learning requires reflection, and it requires moving experience from the hands, the back, the eyes, the ears into the heart and head.  But even then something is missing.  The real value of learning lies not in what it can do for you, but in how it can be used to benefit others, your crew, your family, your community.

  • Work outdoors in amazing places
    • There is no better backdrop for a service and learning experience than the wilds of Montana, including 15 million acres of National Forests, 3.5 million acres throughout 16 Wilderness Areas, not to mention Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks.  The opportunities that exist in Montana to explore wild landscapes are unparalleled.  One third of the state is open to public access.  While serving with MCC, you will help ensure these lands are healthy and accessible for generations to come.

  • Work in a tight-knit crew of peers
    • MCC is a crew-based experience. Corps Members will serve their term of service in a crew with five to seven other Corps Members that will develop into a well-integrated team.  Many alumni say serving, living, and working within a small crew was one of the major highlights of serving with MCC.  The crew structure allows Corps Members to grow together and experience the satisfaction of working as high-performing team.

  • Perform challenging work that improves the environment
    • Joining MCC is not a job—it is a commitment to service and to participating as an active learner in a crew setting. We look for applicants ready to put others’ interests before their own, lead by example, to learn and support their peers’ learning, and work hard while serving long hours and living outdoors in all weather.

      MCC Corps Members perform substantial work that provides lasting benefit for public lands.  MCC collaborates with a wide variety of partners to provide Corps Members the opportunity to work in varied landscapes in Montana and the Northern Rockies.  That is not to say the work is easy.  In fact, the physical nature of the work is part of the challenge complicated by working in the outdoors. 

  • Living stipend, health insurance, educational award, and other benefits
    • Unlike some other programs, there is no fee to apply to serve with MCC and there is no fee to participate in any of our programs. In fact, Corps Members serving with MCC in one of our AmeriCorps programs receive a living stipend, training, and have the option of health insurance* after 30 days of service (*depending on length of term of service). They are also eligible for an AmeriCorps Education Award upon successful completion of the term of service.

      High School Expedition Members receive a $200 service award upon successful completion of the term of service.

  • Financial assistance (Serviceship Awards)
    • MCC is excited to announce that we have developed funding to assist Corps Members with some of the financial costs they may encounter in accepting a term of service with MCC. These funds are made available through a generous grant from the Kendeda Foundation as well as other public grants and donors.

      These funds are designed to increase the opportunities for under-represented groups to serve with MCC. Anyone serving an AmeriCorps term with MCC is welcome to apply, however we particularly encourage applications from military veterans, people of color, and other underrepresented groups. Priority will be given to first-time MCC Corps Members, however, returning members are still eligible to apply.

      Things to Consider Before Applying:
      -Serviceships are intended to help members cover the cost of essential needs of participating in MCC. Most frequently, this means the cost of traveling to Montana or purchasing the required gear. There are a number of other benefits all members can access to help get your basic needs met during your term of service.

      -MCC provides food while training or on a project hitch (this will be the majority of the time).

      -Most AmeriCorps members qualify for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps).

      -Regional Offices have some gear that can be rented for your term of service for a minimal cost.

      -Most student loans qualify for forbearance while participating in AmeriCorps. Additionally, upon successful completion of your term, you will earn an education award that can be used toward paying off qualifying student loans. To learn more, visit

      -Regional staff will connect you with other members serving in your region so that you can find shared housing options.

      Applications will not be considered until a member has completed all of their conditional offer paperwork.

      If you have questions, please reach out to Tauzha at or 406.534.5992.