2017 Project Partners

MCC members learn skills to care for forests, parks, wildlife refuges, wilderness, and other public lands across the Northern Rockies and Plains because of partnerships with nonprofits and local, state, and federal agencies. Each partner provides meaningful service opportunities that deepen our corps members’ connections to the land, their sense of purpose, and ignite their aspirations. We thank you all. Click here to see a full list of our valued partners. 


The success of young people is best achieved by working in partnership with others who share our values. Outdoor service provides measureable achievements that help young people realize their profound ability to make a difference as citizens, while also nurturing a deep connection to the natural world.  Our work would not be possible without extensive collaboration with a group of over 500 diverse partners—government agencies, other nonprofits, schools, foundations—to recruit and engage corps members in hands-on service that keep our public lands safe, healthy, and accessible. MCC’s partners provide invaluable support, expertise, mentorship, and opportunities to MCC Corps Members to improve the environment and to realize their ability to improve the world.

How Can My Organization Become an MCC Partner?  Please Contact Us to learn more.