COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

The safety of our AmeriCorps members, staff, and board members is our utmost priority. Please find Resource and Response Information on our dedicated page. learn more

We all have work to do and must start inside to make the world we want outside. We are committed to this transformation because we fully believe that to reach our mission of developing the next generation of leaders and stewards, we must embody their vision of a more beautiful, diverse, just and inclusive America and support their civic engagement now.

Youth Programs Cancelled for 2020 Summer Season

Given the design of our youth program model, the contagiousness of COVID-19 and the often rapid onset of severe symptoms, MCC has determined, to ensure the safety of our adolescent participants, that it is prudent to cancel all of our summer programs for high school and middle school-age students. learn more

Featured Member Story

Women versus Juniper

Every single member had faced obstacles on this hitch, but persevered and improved exponentially from the beginning of this week.

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8/03 The Adventures of Salmon Crew

  • Posted by Matthias

Join for the adventures of the Salmon Crew

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7/02 Welcome to Idaho!

  • Posted by Porter Margolis & Karlee Ketelboeter

Knapweed, St. John’s, Cinquefoil, oh my!