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The proximity to Yellowstone National Park is a major draw for potential members of MCC’s Greater Yellowstone Region. Being based in Bozeman, Montana doesn’t hurt either. The city has received national attention in recent years for its quality of life and direct access to recreation. At nearly 40,000 residents, Bozeman is a progressive city that still sports its small town colors. Nestled in a valley bottom, many find bicycling the easiest way to get around town. The city is adorned by five separate mountain ranges; many of them are snow-capped throughout the year. This makes the region a hotspot for alpine skiing and other winter sports like ice climbing. Warmer days usher in a flow of markets, concerts, festivals, and a bustling downtown. And as the days grow longer, so does the list of potential activities. Plan accordingly; Bozeman will cause you to over-schedule.

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Corps Members serving in Greater Yellowstone receive exposure to a diversity of projects and ecosystems during their term of service. A crew may assist in recovery efforts of the endangered Black Footed Ferret, tackle weeds in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, clear backcountry trails in the Lee Metcalf Wilderness, or undertake restoration and trails projects in Yellowstone National Park. Our region is large and exposes Corps Members to a variety of landscapes in far Eastern Montana and the northern reaches of Wyoming. On any given day, you may find yourself working with the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Montana State Parks, and a variety of other land management agencies.

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The scenery around Bozeman rivals just about any mountain town in the West. However, it’s the people that make Bozeman a desirable place to call home. Residents create innumerable opportunities to get involved in nearly every aspect of the community. From serving on a citizen advisory board to volunteering at a downtown event, immersing yourself in Bozeman is easy! Exhibitions and lectures from Montana State University and Museum of the Rockies bring in fascinating speakers and topics that may otherwise be scarce in this part of the country. Bozeman’s green certified public library consistently hosts public events and meetings on a host of issues pertinent to residents. Toss in summer festivals, twice a week farmers markets, a handful of community concerts, and you see why those who venture here often never leave.    

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If you hail from anywhere other than the Rockies, the amount of public land in Montana will astonish you. Bozeman and the surrounding areas are no exception. The Gallatin National Forest spans 1.8 million acres and contains the Lee Metcalf Wilderness Area and Hyalite Reservoir among many other recreation hotspots. The forest nearly stretches to Yellowstone National Park, which is less than 100 miles away and shouldn’t be missed. You can see bison, elk, mountain sheep and goats, and eagles without much effort. Bears and wolves also call the park home but require more patience and potentially some backcountry travel to spot. Don’t forget to visit the region’s state parks that showoff the headwaters of the mighty Missouri, an ancient buffalo jump, and a limestone cave that predates the last Ice Age. Back in the city limits, the activities are endless. Bike, hike, kayak, camp, raft, or take in the amazing sunsets at Pete’s Hill, Drinking Horse, or the M Trail.

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