Lunch Break along St. Joe River Lunch Break along St. Joe River

8 Days, 400 Trees, and 100 Miles in Idaho

  • July 11, 2019
  • Posted by Jack Harte

When I joined MCC, I honestly didn’t know what compelled me to do it.  I knew that I wanted to get outdoors, and I knew that I wanted to give back to nature in some way.  But I don’t think I ever expected to find a new home out here.

This was our 5th hitch together as a crew, and by this point we were getting pretty close.  I knew all my crew mate’s names & stories, where they came from, why they came here, etc.

Idaho reinforced those bonds through struggle.  Hiking a 362cc chainsaw up mountains, spending hours sharpening, and all of this done in a State, that I swear has a ban on switchbacks.

But none of that matters in comparison to the huge payoffs for those struggles.  When you get that chainsaw up the mountain and come upon a cliff overlooking a vast sea of mountain fog - the St. Joe River just barely slicing it’s way through the expanse.  Or when you can take your lunch break next to that crystal clear, roaring river, 9 miles into a 17 mile hike; and you can sit back and say “It’s all downhill from here”.

A home is somewhere that you find happiness, that you love all those within it, and where you feel whole.  Crew 4, and the places we go - all embody that idea, and help me understand why I’m in the corps:

It’s home.


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