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8 Days on 9-Mile

  • August 30, 2019
  • Posted by Kai Wilkinson

Simon and Matthew’s trail crew, Lucky Season 7 traveled to Nine Mile on the Stateline trail to retread and chew bubblegum, and nobody brought bubblegum.

It all started with a hike along a scenic mountain top, which was something between 6 and 8 miles; we still don’t know for certain. At the end of the day we set up camp near a small lake, where moose and an otter were hanging out. Each morning we backtracked up one side of the mountain with our project partner and spent our days laying down waterbars, check steps, and widening a one foot wide ditch that they called a trail. Tripping and farting were abumdant. That’s not a typo.

We were excited to be working on a relatively popular trail. We saw several hikers, two dogs, and even spent one night with a friendly hermit called Larry Boy, not to be confused with the late 20th century basketball star Larry Bird.
But it wasn’t all fun. The team got completely soaked when it wouldn’t stop raining one day, and had to huddle around a small fire to dry their clothes. And swinging picks and hiking through ruts takes its toll, and the crew quickly exhausted our painkiller supply. We had to make do with twigs, leaves and a rock, and we had to share the rock.

At the end of the day, the most important lesson one can learn on-hitch is to bring more Ibuprofen.


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