A weekend

  • August 13, 2019
  • Posted by Isabelle Goodacre

The focus of the MCC Youth Crews is generally on the work, but just as important is our time off as a crew. The weekends are when we unwind, relax, and become a closer-knit community.

The one weekend of our two week high school hitch was enchanting. After a week of hard work outside of Dubois Idaho, we jetted west to the Mesa Falls Bypass. Without knowing exactly where we were going to camp, we turned down a dirt road to get closer to the river. Here we happened upon a wonderful spot. Right next to the river under the shade of lodge poles, and we had already seen a moose.

This lucky spot led to a weekend of fishing, reading, story telling, exploring the waterfalls and sleeping under the stars. The crew thrived, their friendships cemented, and we were rejuvenated for another week of work.

Our weekend ended up being one the most special parts of our experience, because it allowed our crew to reflect upon their past week and look forward to their next one. Although it was not the most thrilling of activities, it ended up being better than we had imagined, one of those experiences where everything falls into place.


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