Adjusting to an Unexpected Relocation

  • September 25, 2017
  • Posted by Ian Bartenfeld

Well, it looks like we will be at a new home this hitch. After being burned out of Moose Creek we have been officially relocated to the Fish Lake Ranger Station. How long we’ll be here? No one actually knows. With fires popping up and wreaking havoc all over the forest, there’s no telling where we’ll end up next. For now, Fish Lake is home. Conrad and I have taken up residence in the cabin for our off days. Conrad sleeps below on a cot on the back wall while I have set up shop in the loft. It’s a very cozy setup but somewhat dark. By 7:00 I have to resort to using the gas lanterns to see up there. This Ranger Station, though technically less remote, feels much more removed from the world than Moose Creek. We have yet to see a single plane at this airstrip. But that might be due to all the fatalities here. Apparently the down drafts from the lake at the end of the runway are gnarly and have caused 8 fatalities.
But on a cheerier note, we pretty much have our own private lake. Woohoo! When we first arrived here the area was totally clear, but due to a fire we watched develop near Graves Peak, it’s now covered in smoke. Some of which is from the Moose Creek fire to the south blowing up the North Moose Creek drainage. The change of pace and scenery has been nice here, but I sorely lament the loss of our library and spice variety at Moose Creek. But hey, we’ll live. Overall I’m very pleased with my new home and I’m excited to see a new part of this amazing forest.


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Posted by Brian Baines at December 12 2017

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