After After <p>FCL Camp at Sundance BLM Recreation Area - Laurel, MT</p>

And the Digging Begins

  • April 22, 2019
  • Posted by Kaitlin Raven - GY FCL

Each year, field crew leaders gather in February for a long Montana winter. February and March were filled with valuable trainings indoors with a few outdoor opportunities. Finally, Spring has sprung in the Greater Yellowstone area and our Field Crew Leaders for the season began their technical trainings in full swing; going on hitches as pseudo-crews, taking turn practicing leading. This week, a crew headed out to Billings, MT to aid an old MCC alumna at the Fourdances BLM Recreation area. There, they got the opportunity to dig the first tread of the season. For some this felt like getting back to basics, for others this was an exciting new time, learning a new skill. As the crew began, so did the rain. The smell of earth and sage filled the air. There is nothing quite like the first tread of the season. Its a reminder of technique, values, and connection to nature after a long winter. Birds of many kinds flocked the Fourdances BLM Recreation Area work site, but more spectacular was the birding at the crew’s camp area at Sundance BLM Recreation Area. Fortunately, the rain stopped in time for a campfire to warm toes and souls. That’s when the true magic began: Osprey, Great Horned Owl, Sandhill Crane, Great Blue Heron, Red winged Black Birds, Canada Geese perched in an Osprey nest, and numerous song birds. Each night was filled with a symphony, with each bird harmoniously taking their turn in the song from dusk until night. Like the birds, our field crew leaders were awakening for spring, stretching our wings, and adventuring out on our own for the first time. And so, our season begins, the digging begins.


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