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  • February 17, 2012
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    Ellie Long

Planning the Walks & Talks series was one of the first projects that I was given as a Big Sky Watershed Corps(BSWC) member. At this point in my term of service I was itching to prove myself at the Clark Fork Coalition.  After months of planning, the first event came quickly. Not having an idea as to how many people would show up( if anyone would at all) or what to expect from attendees with such a controversial topic as the Next Steps for the Sale of Mountain Water, I became really anxious.
The day of the event people trickled into the CFC conference room. Within a few minutes the conference room was full and we had to move the event into the office’s foyer. Soon after that, the foyer began to fill up & we had to sit attendees on the steps since we ran out of all other available seating. I was shocked to see that we had almost 30 people crammed into our office!
As the event progressed my tension lessened however, I saw several attendees itching to ask questions and create some dialogue, which could have drastically changed the mood. As questions arose and conversations with the group started, the event turned more into a strategic planning meeting rather then the confrontational conversations I had imagined. At the end of the event many of the participants left feeling hopeful, informed and pleased with the information that they received.
Knowing that I was able to create such a successful event really made it feel like all of the anxiety and stress that I had leading up to it was worth it. Hopefully the success of this first Walk & Talk will carry on for the rest of the series!


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