Brand New Tub of Butter

  • June 28, 2017
  • Posted by Kayti Lavicky

Have you ever opened a brand new tub of butter and hesitated before taking a swipe out because it was just so beautiful you didn’t want to ruin it?  Well, we figured out that is how we feel in nature when we begin to work.  The job, however, must go on.  This hitch was particularly exciting, because it was the first time that our crew has been together in its entirety since the season began.  As the days passed we continued to grow together and cultivate not only a stronger team dynamic, but also a deeper appreciation for hard work.  We tackled the long and demanding days, knowing all the while that we have far more ahead of us than we have left behind.  I feel, though, that out of this struggle we have already begun to learn.  We have come closer to recognizing the lack of satisfaction that comes from doing nothing or doing only a little, especially when compared to the fulfillment that comes with true effort.  I am excited to see how our crew grows as the season unfolds and we continue to challenge ourselves.


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