Finished product from below! Finished product from below! <p>Looking down on the wall!</p>

Build That Wall!

  • August 30, 2017
  • Posted by Tim Pickel

Structure projects are always some of the more satisfying types to take on. Instead of just digging some tread or cutting down a few trees, crew members get to participate in the construction of something that takes a lot of hard work, effort, and planning to construct something that will be around for many years to come. These structures usually vastly improve the quality of the trail they are on and make it more accessible and sustainable for a long time.

For one rainy week in early June, my crew was tasked with building a rock wall from scratch to improve a switchback that over the years had become pretty dangerous for pack stock on an oft-traveled route into the Bob Marshall Wilderness. For 5 days, we camped 3.5 miles above Holland Lake and hauled, crushed, dug, and soaked our way through a 25 foot long switchback in order to widen the trail and turn for horsepackers, in an effort to make it easier on both packers and the stock they use when getting into the Bob. The hitch was certainly character building, as we had to move large amounts of heavy rock, worked through a non-stop 36 hour downpour, and dealt with relentless swarms of mosquitoes day in and day out. In the end though, everyone came out extremely satisfied with the work and had their own expectations blown away with how well the wall turned out. This hitch was a prime example of some type 2 fun. Even though the conditions had everyone on the crew feeling pretty down at some point in the week, looking back on it almost everyone cites this project as one of their favorite and most satisfying to work on!


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