Chainsawing, Lopping, and Handsawing

  • September 20, 2019
  • Posted by Megan Bain

Our crew spent 8 days helping the town of PIne Haven, WY become more resist to fire. Throughout this hitch our crew leaders would chainsaw the trees that had a diameter of less then your wrist size, and in a square area that was predetermined by the city. Then, the crew members would come in and handsaw and lop the smaller plants and trees in the same area. One day, the local fire department invited us for lunch at the station. The lunch consisted of brisket, potato veggie soup, chips, cookies, and chocolate. This meal was much appreciated.

Once the work days were over we would head back to camp. One person would make dinner while the others would sit around and talk. After dinner, two people would do dishes. Then, after all the chores were done, we would sit around talk and listen to music until it was time to go to bed. Then we would repeat this process day after day which did get a little monotonous after a few days. On the last day, the fire chief came by the work-site and gave us all a certificate of appreciation for our work and pins from the town of Pine Haven. By the time the hitch was over, a total of just over 7.3 acres was cleared.


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