Conrad and Us

  • October 30, 2017
  • Posted by Guest Blogger

It was just two of us for our second week of Warm Hearts Warm Homes. Venturing into the plains east of Glacier, we were posted in Conrad, Montana. Our first day was a bit overwhelming only having two of us. In the following days, we developed a system that worked for us and we were able to get back into the groove. The town of Conrad is small and we got to know the streets and small neighborhoods. Many of the folks we helped were very appreciative and interested in our roles at MCC. One nice lady even asked for information for her son who might be interested in the program. The highlight of our week came while we were trying to fill a canceled appointment. On about the five phone number we tried, an older man picked up and was a little skeptical. We told him about our mission and goal for warm hearts and he agreed to have us help him the next morning. It was a cold night and it even snowed in the town of Choteau. We were greeted at the door by Robert, our new client, and proceeded to get to know him while we were installing plastic and door kits. His life story and perspective on life warmed our hearts. We wished we could’ve stayed and talked all day but had to help some other people in the neighborhood. I’m glad we were able to help those we did in Conrad and Choteau and I hope they are a little warmer this winter.


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