Crew 10’s Adventures

  • August 25, 2017
  • Posted by Megan Leys

Week One:
We started off by riding a boat backcountry in the Gibson Reservoir. Oh boy it was beautiful! When we got there we set up camp and got to work with our awesome sponsor Keegan! Our work included removing the invasive weed: Houndstongue. After a long day of work, pulling and hiking, we would come back to our camp and start our evening chores. On the weekend we found a beautiful spot to play that was surrounded by trees and a river. Although the week was hard, it was beautiful and we won’t forget our experience.

Week Two:
During the second week of our hitch backcountry we continued our hunt for houndstongue. On top of this we also searched for houndstongue and when we found it we de-grounded that plant. The work is strenuous, but it is so much fun. Every day we got to see a beautiful river, a ranch with tons of horses and mules to look at and talk too. It got lonely in the backcountry so we bonded as a crew and made a family. We all earned a strong work ethic in the backcountry and will never forget our time in the Bob Marshall.

Week Three:
This week we got the opportunity to shower at a church and it was truly amazing after not getting to shower from being backcountry for 2 weeks. After being backcountry you start to notice and appreciate the little things in life you take for granted. This week we work at Canyon Ferry at Hellgate Campground. It was so nice here and we got to mix up the work and paint tables. This week was also fun because we got to spend time eating frontcountry food.

Week Four:
This week we had the opportunity to be in the Upper Missouri River Breaks. We spent time putting up signs and painting bathrooms. We enjoyed seeing the beautiful scenery of the Upper Missouri River. At the end of the week we had a hard time saying bye. Our crew was sad to see each other leave; we made a family. It was great to see our family and will never forget the time spent this summer with Montana Conservation Corps!


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