Crew 8

  • August 28, 2017
  • Posted by Brad Koontz

Week One:Crew 8’s MCC experience took us to a cute little campsite near Lewistown, Montana where we would meet our project partner, Jon. Throughout the week we would be driving through the Upper Missouri River Breaks installing and replacing signs. There were signs saying “Welcome to the Upper Missouri River Breaks,” and signs that showed the directions of the different parts.

Week Two: We met our second project partner, Hailey, and learned all about sage grouse. This week, still near the Lewistown area, we flagged miles of barbed wire fences so the sage grouse would be able to see the fence when flying to prevent their population from declining any further. We made up songs about our work to keep our spirits high and to have some fun while we worked.

Week Three: We continued our work with Hailey by not only tagging fences but also taking down old barbed wire fences. For part of the week we were joined by another crew who also rolled up barbed wire. We also had the chance to speak with a woman from the Nature Conservancy and learn even more about how our work is helping not only sage grouse but many other animals in the area.

Week Four: We found ourselves working in the Helena National Forest fixing up the Hunters Gulch trail. We were trimming bushes and clearing everything off of the trail such as fallen trees and loose rocks. It was a long hike each day but the view from the top of each hill was breathtaking. This was the first our crew had done any trail work but we all powered through and made memories that would last a lifetime.


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