Crew 9: Serving Montana

  • August 23, 2017
  • Posted by Nate Hess

Week 1:

Youth Crew #9 began the expedition working along the Continental Divide Trail around Lincoln, MT.  We cleared drains, blazed difficult intersections, and also dug posts and nailed more signs to those. Throughout the week, we signed 15.5 miles of trail so hiked around 30 miles total.  The section that we signed went from Nevada Creek to north of Flescher Pass and we camped at Stemple Pass. Our crew played cards, picked huckleberries, and took up sparing in our free time.

Week 2:

Staying at Riverside Campground, our crew did work around other campgrounds at Canyon Ferry Reservoir. Our work included digging pits to install day-use grills, leveling gravel to make things handicap accessible, and pulling out old fire rings in day-use areas. The crew loved staying here because we got to swim everyday and stay by the lake.

Week 3:

Week 3 was spent working with the Bureau of Land Management south of Billings, MT.  We began the week staying at the Wild Horse Range just north of Lovell, WY working on building a trail to a rainwater catchment for the wildlife in that area. We got to swim at Horseshoe Bend Recreation Area and also spend time hiking and looking at cave drawings in Petroglyph Canyon. We moved north mid-week after decommissioning three roads on the Wild Horse Range. We moved to Billings to work at Four Dances building trail up to a lookout point. After a long week of trail building and road decommissioning, our crew spent the weekend hanging around Billings being city folk.

Week 4:

Week 4 was spent working on the CDT again outside Lincoln.  This time camping at Aspen Grove and working from Flescher Pass north towards the Scapegoat Wilderness. Throughout the week, our crew signed 15 miles of trail and hiked a total of 30 miles. This section of the trail was very high and included climbing multiple mountains a day and hiking along ridge lines all day. We got to see the most amazing views and help future hikers find their way along the trail!


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