Day one through nine

  • February 11, 2019
  • Posted by Shauna Riddensdale

I wake up from the warmth of my breath bouncing against my cold tent walls.
This rebound makes me creak inside layered jackets.
The earth around me is a bull blue.
The dirt tucked in by the moons full blanket.

It is a September morning on trails.
Day nine of nine

Day one of nine
Thirty degree river crossing
Met Mark
Unpacked mules
Attempted to bushwhack up a ridge to hike (failed)
My night to cook, fresh salad with quinoa and chickpeas
Drank tea in the cozy cabin with my team lead
Read till the darkness made eyelids drowsy

Day two of nine
Lodge pole pine cones only germinate after a fire
Dug in the mud, face full of splats
Got the giggles after lunch
“Look at all this… yeah that’s muck”
Walked to the stream in my underwear in attempts to bathe, was welcomed by mountain ducks
Ate soup while being wrapped around colors of the sunset
Heard a mountain lion in the distance

Day three of nine
Woke up, didn’t feel like getting up
Used a bark shaver… utterly satisfied
Peanut butter
Oil lamps and the subtle noise of pages turned

Day four of nine
Foggy eeriness
Fruit smoothie filled clif bars
Thinking, digging, more thinking

Day five of nine
Cereal and hot water - ok
More coffee
“The atmosphere looks moist right now”
Cabin’s warmth fills us all with life

Day six of nine
Steeped yerba tea in coffee WOO
Cream cheese tortillas
Reading by the cabin fire
Part one of brush saw - needed gas
Part two - needed screntch
Part three - rain and walk back
Mark gave us a “gold star”
Rain rain
Cooked stir fry/curry (botch)
Feeling day six

Day seven of nine
Moral fluctuates
Watched tanner ate an immaculate amount of food (per usual)
Fixed some drains (so satisfying)
Found a fish in our clean drainage
Fish’s name is now Hermin
“Somethings leaking on me”
Scaring away squirrels

Day eight of nine
Moon is huge
“The water is goin’ and flowin’”
Soaked in the suns rays after days of rain
Finally finished book


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