Digging Tread in Kootenai

  • August 15, 2019
  • Posted by Kyle Timmons

This week our crew including Kyle, Noah, Sarah, and Malek, headed up to the Kootenai national Forest near Eureka. It was a tough hitch for the crew as we had just exited a long, hard, but extremely rewarding 6 weeks in the Bob Marshall Wilderness and still had yet to fully recover. We got the opportunity to dig out tread on a picturesque, yet very steep Cat Creek trail, which had burned in a fire a couple of years ago.  It got off to a rough start when the temperature was turned up to the mid 90’s without much cover.  The fact that it was so hot made it tough for us to keep our food from spoiling, yet we managed to band together and make some great meals.
After a few days of dealing with the sweltering weather our group got a lift in our spirits as we got joined by the 8 newest crew members who were getting their training for the fall season. It was really awesome getting to know them all! The boost of some fresh faces made the rain that came with them much easier to work through.

All in all getting to have the reward of seeing the amazing new trail that we had dug out made the nasty conditions completely worth it. It will be even more rewarding on the next trip out to the same place when we finally get to finish it and see the view from the top of the mountain!


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