Eureka! We Have Given Back

  • November 01, 2017
  • Posted by Noah Blanton

The time had come. Our season doing trail work and various conservation projects had come to a close, and now all that was left for the last three weeks was Warm Hearts Warm Homes. Warm Hearts Warm Homes is a state funded project that addresses individuals and families that need help preparing for the winter. For the first week of WHWH, our crew of three went to Eureka, MT to help.

We were armed with exterior door stripping kits, window insulating kits, lightbulbs, and boundless loads of energy conservation knowledge! Going in, we didn’t quite know what to expect. During our orientation, we talked about poverty and had discussions about what our preconceived notions of poverty were. Little did we know, this discussion did not prepare us for the reality. In my mind I pictured tarnished homes, laden with the debris of years of habitation, and folks who weren’t necessarily on the hygienic side. How wrong I was.

The people that we met and helped came from all walks of life, and all of them were kind and welcoming (to our surprise). We did what we could, helped out the folks that needed it, then went on our way to our next appointment. This was not without reward or merit. The people that we talked to transcended all the definitions and statistics that I read about people living in poverty in the U.S and Montana. They were real people, with real stories, emotions, and compassion to share. We met someone who had bushwhacked their way to their property 30+ years ago to start a new life with nothing but a microbus and a harley davidson to carry their dreams. We met single mothers, and fathers, and families who have lived in Montana their entire lives, and were used to having people like us come help during the winter time. These stories, and these personal interactions are something that I, and the rest of my team will cherish for as long as we live. The memories of these people that we helped have motivated us to go above and beyond and give a voice to those that cannot be heard, and a helping hand to those without the means, time, or ability to do so.


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