Experiencing the Wilderness

  • August 04, 2017
  • Posted by Dawson Hill

The Swan Mountain range was a beautiful place, full of the overwhelming scents of pine and crisp air. We hiked about three miles up a steep trail with forty pound packs heaved up onto our backs. Once to our destination, we set up camp, making it our home sweet home for the week. First night was a charm, a bull moose trampling close to our campsite and up the mountain. It was one of our favorite moments as a crew, some not even having seen a moose till that moment. The last night in the Swan was somewhat similar, but more “sketchy”. One of our crew members encountered a crouched mountain lion just up the hill, and we all had to evacuate the area with pounding hearts. The next week we went to Lone Pine State Park, a gorgeous place filled with views of unimaginable beauty and silence. While there, we accomplished trail work projects and took care of some invasive plant species, which wasn’t bad at all, other than the blazing heat. In all, it was an adventure we’d never forget.


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