Fence Building at Canyon Ferry

  • July 01, 2017
  • Posted by Brad Koontz

Crew 2 from the Central Divide region of MCC in Helena, Montana headed to Canyon Ferry for a short fencing project. We worked with the BLM and our main goal was to take down and set up fencing that distinguished BLM land from private land. We were working on a campground, so the fence differentiated between the campground and houses. Once we arrived at Canyon Ferry, we took down an old barbed wire fence that was originally built in the 1950’s. It was great seeing the progress of a new fence that can hopefully last 50 more years.

For the fence building, we took down the old fence using a fence puller and wire cutters. Once the fence was taken down, we started building the fence by using an auger to dig a 2 foot hole into the dirt. Once the 24” mark was reached, we used post hole diggers to clear out all dirt. Then, we stuck a pole into the ground and made sure it was level with all other poles. Once the pole was level, we used a tamping bar to compact the dirt so the pole was sturdy enough. Finally, once we had two poles aligned with one another, we used power drills, bolts, and washers to set up rails. This turned out to be a difficult task because incorporating quality with quantity can be frustrating.

Overall, this trip was very satisfying because we had the chance to see all of the work we had done. There was a lot of progress over the four days, and we worked hard and steady.


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