MCC day 2 with the bridge constructed to prevent impact on the creek MCC day 2 with the bridge constructed to prevent impact on the creek

First MCC Hitch 5/29/18-6/1/18

  • June 05, 2018
  • Posted by Donovan de Leon

All of us containing our excitement as we arrived into the MCC parking lot in Missoula, MT. This would be our first hitch for many of us as we clamored through our pack going through everything thinking that we had it all but learning once at camp the mistakes we made and the gear left in the seats of our cars or forgotten to retrieve from the store. Taking the 2-hour drive down South to Deer Lodge was a good experience for us all to connect as a group.

The first day we went over proper camp set up as to learn from trial and error on our first hitch as we were front country camping which made the process a whole lot simpler allowing use to have easier access to gear and warmth. Day number two entailed our first chainsaw training! Dylan showed us the proper way to utilize the tool at hand and how to safely operate it with the perspective of reducing any mishap.

The day seemed to fly by as we slowly acclimated ourselves the tenuous but intriguing work at hand. The day seemed to mainly focus on gathering materials and cutting up fallen trees to get the project rolling. Our goal is to create a fence that would not allow for cattle to cross over through the creek creating damage to the flow of water.

The third day we finally learned the trade of making a handmade fence and ideal placement. The day had much more of a smoother flow as everyone got down their roles and how the whole process would work. The majority of the day consisted of putting the materials needed for each section in its appropriate place and nailing the beams and logs together. The last day entailed crew members learning the proper way to safely fell tree while figuring out where it would come crashing down.

Day 4 seemed to come with much rain as it had thunder stormed throughout the night. Waking up the morale seemed to be a bit sluggish but working together as teams and crews seemed to help everyone to reach their goals. It also was a plus that Friday would so happen to be the day everyone would be headed back ready to enjoy a 2 day weekend. Overall the trip was a great first hitch and we all can say that we took something good from it!


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