Foy’s to Blacktail Trail

  • July 20, 2018
  • Posted by Jordan McNally

Good afternoon, campers! Our first hitch has come to an end! The past 10 days our MCC crew worked hard creating a 3/4-mile long trail connecting the existing Foy’s to Blacktail Trail to Emmons Spring. Jim Watson, one of our project partners for this hitch was an absolute pleasure to work with. Jim spoiled us with a yak dinner (from yak that he raises) and many snacks (peaches, cookies and M&M’s) over the past week and a half, he was a great man to work with, he really made sure we didn’t go hungry! It was awesome to work for a project partner who is so passionate in the work that he and us members get to do (diggin’ tread!).

Our crew was faced with some cold rainy weather (it even snowed on us for a little), but that didn’t stop us from digging tread into the mountain side in a timely manner. It was a wonderful feeling on our last day to put the finishing touches on the trail, putting the trail sign in and enjoying the sunshine that hid from us most of the hitch,  Our team did an amazing job and I am looking forward to our crew growing throughout the the next few months! Me and all of the other members and our two leaders (mom and other mom) are very excited for this upcoming trail season and the work we are going to embark on and where it is going to take us!


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