We started off October with a hitch partnered with the Musselshell and Golden Valley County weed control team. We partnered with another crew and took off for Round Up, MT, where we met with our project partner and she set us up with a place to sleep - in the Melstone Volunteer Fire Department, a few miles down the road. We spent two days chainsawing through salt cedar brush and treating the dead stumps with a chemical to keep them from coming back. The town of Melstone welcomed us with open arms, even inviting our two crews to a senior center dinner in town. We received a thrilling presentation about Medicare part B and enjoyed some red jell-o. After a few days, however, an incoming snow storm forced us to move locations to the 4H office in Round Up. We spent a few days demolishing two houses that were foreclosed on, salvaging as much as we could from each house. We got a proper welcome from the town of Round Up as well, with an invitation to yet another senior citizen meal at the local community center. There was no Medicare presentation, but definitely plenty of red jell-o ;)


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