Lake McDonald looking good! Lake McDonald looking good! <p>Trenched out tread, designed to hold loose gravel</p>

Glacier Crew Hits the Trails for Week 1!

  • June 09, 2018
  • Posted by Parker Dean

Under the impression that we would simply be maintaining preexisting trails, the Crew headed out for an early morning 6:15am trek to Apgar village on Monday, after meeting our project partner, The ever enthusiastic “RJ” made clear that we would not be simply maintaining trails but building an entirely new diversion for the existing horse trail, which is not a common job for a crew of brand new ‘Trail Dogs’ with little trail work experience. Our project partner, however, made sure to explain and demonstrate all of which they wanted us to complete and so, along with the guidance of our crew leaders, we completed over 800 ft of brand new trail.

During our work we got to experience basic skills in the dirt along with complex skills such as the use of grip hoists to remove tree stumps, tips and tricks to help move large logs, structure building skills such as retainer walls and turnpikes and drain building.

While the days were long, the Crew did not fail to find time after dinner to explore the beautiful and immense views that Glacier has to offer, we explored places known, such as the Lake McDonald view and unknown, like a large vast field of blooming purple camas flowers, along with views, we also made time to try a Montana special, Huckleberry pie.

Overall, the first week out for the Glacier crew was one of learning, exploration, hard work and fun. We are looking forward to working once again with our project partner, though this time, in the backcountry!


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