Glacier Youth Corps Session 2!

  • August 13, 2019
  • Posted by Natasha Bennetts, Jeremy Patton, Suvari Neff, Fox Stevens, Alex Stennett

The Glacier Youth Corps spent a month engaging in service work, partnered with their volunteer coordinators and others from various shops of Glacier National Park.

Jeremy Patton speaks to his experience as a Citizen Scientist volunteer:
My favorite thing I did at MCC was the Citizen Science Pika Surveys. The first survey we did was at Two Medicine. It was three miles in total. We saw two pika and a hay pile that was three feet long. I really would like to do that again.

Alex Stennett reminisces on a blustery day on the East Side of the park:
The day of the wind; in The Rising Sun Campground, was very windy per se. We were removing and filling of the holes by the parking space with gravel. We had gusts of wind up to sixty mph that day so enough for our day and sufficiency of wind, and rotten telephone poles; chemicals. At the end of the day at the camp our many tents ‘twas blown down and out. 

It was fun.

Fox Stevens describes a clean up of a structure damaged by fire:
On Tuesday of the third week our crew cleaned up an old boat house that was burned in the Howe Fire. The crew worked with magnets that picked up the nails and sharp metal objects. We loaded the scraps into a pickup truck and finished within half the day. The rest of the day we picked weeds around Wheeler’s cabin.

Suvari Neff summarizes a week in the life of a Glacier Youth Corps member:
During the third week of MCC, our crew went through a lot of ups and downs; literally. We hiked over twelve miles on the Highline Trail to collect pika information. We spent many days in the sun also pulling and picking leaves, weeds, and flowers. The week was long, but worth it because of how much work we got done.


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