Repairing Pasture Fence Repairing Pasture Fence

Hitch 1 - Monture Station

  • July 06, 2018
  • Posted by Bonita Pernot

“Most everyone would look around here and think that all of the trees are dead. I see that there is still life in these trees, and know they have a story to tell.”
-Kieth Guschausky, June 4th, 2018

Though our first working hitch as an MCC crew was short, it wasn’t lacking in growth or insight. Our crew spent five days learning/mastering fencing skills at Monture Station in the Seeley Lake Ranger District. For those that aren’t in the know, this area was hit hard by last year’s fire season and then caked with snow through the winter. Now, it’s in need of some TLC so that trails can be opened back up to the public. And what does fencing have to do with recreation trails? It’s simple; there are numerous individuals who take care of the public lands in this area (trail crews like MCC, fire crews, etc.), and some of those people are stationed in remote areas. In order for these people to stay happy & healthy, food and supplies are packed into them by mules, and by a man named Kieth.

Kieth Guschausky has been packing since ‘89, and the weather patterns in the past year not only scarred the land he knows & loves, but also destroyed most of the fencing around his pastures. Access to pastures makes for happy stock, and happy stock is able to support those who work hard to take care of our public lands. Throughout these last five days, we haven’t only learned about fencing and packing, but we’ve also learned about Monture Station’s history. As Kieth pointed out on our very first day at this old ranger station, the land/ecosystems here have a story to tell. Through Kieth’s willingness to share and teach, it is clear that the people have a story to tell as well. Knowing that our crew gets more time at Monture Station is moving. We too will be part of this land’s big story, as we work to create a tale our own.


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