Into The Bob

  • July 24, 2018
  • Posted by Lloyd Farley

The Bob Marshall Wilderness has quickly become a real home away from home for our crew of six lovely people. We have become quite familiar with the geography of the South Fork area and make hikes along the river with relative ease, traversing vast land that had initially shocked us with its enormity. In the process of developing the confidence that allows us to make the sixteen mile hike to our spike as casually as one commutes to work, we cut our teeth by being one of the first crews into the Bob to start clearing trails of blowdown and deadfall as well as installing seventy feet of retaining walls. Between clearing trails and repairing a trail destroyed by a rock slide, we worked for every mile it took to get to Big Prairies Ranger Station, the place we will spend our weekends. It wasn’t until after our first hitch that we started to hear over radio check ins that trails were gradually being cleared, making the Bob open to the public’s enjoyment. Although we all have chances to continually push ourselves, fundamentally we have gotten the bases nailed down and all the skills that allow us to see how far our feet can take us.


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