It’s a Poem

  • June 05, 2018
  • Posted by Kevin Rossi

Raindrops fall
on my rain fly
It’s 5am
I did this why?

Sky as bland
as my oatmeal
I must admit
regret I feel

Winding road
up it goes
Mountain summit
Mountain pose

Hiking at
this altitude
doesn’t help
improve my mood

Heavy breathing
as I strain
to maintenance
all of these drains

After lunch
cutting trees
down in the dirt
on my knees

The fallen logs
across the path
soon will feel
the cross cut’s wrath

Swing the ax
the saw is held
and binding log
is finally felled

When the work
is finally done
I realize that
I’m having fun

Survey the scene
Remove hard hat
Oh my goodness
We did that

Muddy pants
and blistered hands
we will endure
to save this land

Despite the comforts
that I miss
I think I could
get used to this


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