Sleepy Elk Sleepy Elk <p>I bet there are some rattlesnakes hiding in those antlers.</p>

Joining the Herd

  • July 19, 2018
  • Posted by Malachi Baker

The 8 Gr8 M8s spent a week in the National Bison Range restoring native, rattlesnake-infested prairie by planting trees, taking down derelict electric wire, and pulling the most sinister weeds this side of the Mississippi. We were treated to a view of two bears, many bison, a sleepy elk, and like six rattlesnakes.

We camped directly in the Range with a beautiful view of the Mission Mountains, where we lost a frisbee in an allegedly rattlesnake-free habitat, even though there were perhaps hundreds present. We interacted with many visitors while weeding a tour road, many of whom thanked us for our service, which was a nice reminder of why we do what we do.

We worked with the legendary project partner Mikey, who helped give our tasks purpose by educating the crew about the history of Bison and the Range. He also agreed that is was super weird that there were nearly thousands of rattlesnakes around.

Overall, our week in the Bison Range was full of purpose, sunshine, epic views, rattlesnakes, hard hiking, and crew bonding.


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