Lost dog we found Lost dog we found <p>Gallatin one-sided turnpike</p>

just boys being ‘toids

  • September 15, 2019
  • Posted by O. M. Portner

Once again, the Reptoids conquered our enemies and defied all odds. The ‘toids adventured in the Gallatin National Forest, dodging Ukranians while we built a turnpike for the USFS. We also hiked the CDT and installed drains to dry out that wet, wet trail.

Our fearless leader Mickey took his days off to sit and spin while we brushed out a trail for the BLM. Luckily, we still had John “iN mY lAsTcOrPs” Simkins to lead us into battle. There we cut many limbs of sage and tree and also moved giant rocks from the trail with the help of our trusty rock bars.

Finally, we spent 16 days in the Bighorn National Forest constructing 3 bridges. The blueprints for the first were quite incorrect so we had to improvise a lot to get the job done, the jazz giants would be very impressed if they could have seen us building that first bridge. The other two were super simple and easy and we knocked each out in 2 days. A log jam was also freed up with our ignorance of naturally occuring habitat system. LNT actually stands for Leave No Traces (of life), jk. 4 miles of trail was also brushed out and 17 drains were installed to dry up that wet, wet trail.

Oh, we also heard on the radio in the Bighorn National Forest that there was a missing dog. The next morning while we were flossing our nerves he appeared from nowhere. We named him chicken teryaki boi because of his love of that flavor of jerky we gave him and we dogsat him all day until his owner came back to retrieve him. C.T. boi, if you’re reading this, we love you very much and we all cherish the time we spent together, godspeed.


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